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Because it is a delicate part of the body that is easily pigmented and cracked, I want to protect it with the most comfortable and gentle material for the skin.

Washable Silk Pad made of 100% Silk with batting in the shape of unlikely.

Since it is 100% Silk, it also has a beauty essence effect that moisturizes just by applying it, so it is also recommended for people with sensitive skin.



-2022 SS  Washable Silk-

A special Washable Silk created with a long-established dyeing factory in Kyoto and a major textile manufacturer

While maintaining the smooth texture of Silk, we have eliminated Silk's unique terry to make it easier to use in everyday life, creating a firm fabric that is less likely to wrinkle.

Please enjoy O91O's Washable Silk in your daily life.

Washable Silk Pad

Size: ONE
  • Silk 100%

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