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Made of durable Washable Silk, the batting is 100% Silk.  Silk Liner.

As it is Washable Silk, you can wash it at home.


The most important and delicate feminine zone in a female body.

Although you want to avoid getting cold, Silk Line warms and promotes blood circulation while also moisturizing. Care while just wearing it.

It can also be expected to have an antibacterial effect, so it suppresses the unpleasant odor of summer.


-2022 SS  Washable Silk-

A special Washable Silk created with a long-established dyeing factory in Kyoto and a major textile manufacturer

While maintaining the smooth texture of Silk, we have eliminated Silk's unique terry to make it easier to use in everyday life, creating a firm fabric that is less likely to wrinkle.

Please enjoy O91O's Washable Silk in your daily life.


Washable Silk Liner

Size: one
  • Silk 100%

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