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A new luxury brand for people living in the present age that uses only 100% cashmere and 100% washable silk with the concept of "creating a second skin that is more like bare skin than bare skin".
Please enjoy the second skin created by the delicate technology of Japan.

To live,
To wear
Grow up,
To take over,

Emphasis on each one.

Focus again on important things that are likely to be forgotten.
Instead of fitting it into the shape of an object
May the shape of the thing snuggle up to it.
An important snuggle
Let's take over next time.

“Feel barer than bare-skinned.”
MOON is a new luxury brand that offers items only with 100% cashmere and 100% washable silk.
We create your “second skin” using Japanese intricate craftsmanship.

To live,
To eat,
To wear,
To cherish,
To pass on,

Make these moments count.

Focus on those forgotten moments once again,
not to conform to other shapes
but rather the shapes conform to your curves,
so that we can pass them on to the future.


It seems to be bare skin rather than bare skin. Create a second skin. A brand that creates new luxury for people living in the present age, where you can be yourself in any scene with the concept of ". In the rapidly changing days, today, tomorrow, every moment, gently wrap you up from noon. We will create a wardrobe that can be worn lightly at any time, from country to country, at night.


0910., LLC



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